15 Most Beautiful Places for Photography in California

  • 11th Mar 2019
  • Admin

The name California originates from Spanish conquistadors, Califia. You can find the name in the book of Garcia Ordonez, Las Serges de Esplandian where Califia is described as a mythical island paradise.

The state justifies the meaning of its name. California is truly amazing for its geographic locations, climate, land topography, and lifestyle. The state is home to a different lifestyle and climate making it the top tourist attraction. The enthralling beauty of California attracts numerous photographers to capture its mesmerizing landscape views.

Here we’ll talk about the top 15 places for landscape photography in California that are a haven for landscape photographers:

  • Lake Tahoe: Sierra Nevada mountains of the USA holds this freshwater lake. The lake is so clear that you can see what is floating under the water body. You can capture some of the awe-inspiring landscape views from the Tahoe Rim Trail.
  • Napa Valley: This beautiful valley is home to more than 350 wineries.  You can capture alluring landscapes while enjoying a hot air balloon ride. The valley’s tennis grass courts, hiking trails, croquet lawn can add beautiful landscape images in the collection of a landscape photographer.
  • Santa Barbara: The beguiling beauty of Santa Barbara lies in its oceanfront villas, beaches, and hiking trails. The picturesque Santa Barbara can quench the appetite of any landscape photographer.
  • Glass Beach: We all are familiar with sand on beaches. But this beach of California is covered with small glasses. The beach looks mesmerizing during sunrise. It’s a paradise for landscape photographers.
  • Death Valley National Park: The name may seem morbid, but its beauty is exquisite. This land of extremes is home to great bio-diversity. The wildlife and the striking contrast in its natural beauty can make any landscape photographer weak at the knees.
  • Cypress ‘Tree Tunnel: The beautiful road is quite secluded that is enough to entice any photographer. The huge trees have interlocked the branches in such a way that they look like a tunnel.
  • Big Sur: Big Sur is a mountainous part of the Central Coast of California between San Simeon and Camel Highlands where Santa Lucia Mountains raise their heads high abruptly. Pfeiffer Big Sur campground is great to capture landscape images during camping & hiking.
  • Yosemite National Park: The park may be known for the falls but along with them you can also enjoy the grand meadows, vast wilderness, deep valleys, and giant sequoias. The park’s extreme beauty can produce numerous alluring landscape photographs.
  • Moss brae Falls: The rocky railroad tracks lead to a ravishing view.  It’s a very unique sight where numerous small falls unit in a big waterbody. The greenery and waterbody of this area are great to add a touch of appealing nature in the collection of a landscape photographer.
  • Carlsbad Ranch: 50 acres of ranunculus fields are covered with vibrant pink flowers. The image is enough to drive a photographer crazy. Early March to early May is the blooming season when a landscape photographer can collect the best landscape images of it.
  • Joshua Tree National Park: Joshua trees are very unique that can be seen only in this rugged park of California. The rocky landscape of the park is a paradise for rock climbers and landscape photographers.
  • Golden Gate Bridge: The beautiful suspension bridge of California is a place worth visiting. The bridge is one of the most photographed bridges connecting San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean. You can give the landscape view a jaw-dropping twist with it in the frame.
  • Santa Cruz: The small city of California attracts surfers from all over the world. Its beaches and sea are a delight to the landscape photographers.
  • San Diego: The ‘finest city’ of America is home to several beautiful beaches. The mild climate of the city makes it perfect to click stunning landscape images of it at any time of the year.
  • San Francisco: While you are visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, visit San Francisco as well. The skyscrapers, colorful houses and the nearby Alcatraz Island are famous spots to photographers for their beguiling landscape views.

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