5 Beginner’s Guide for Shooting Better Landscape Photos


“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

― Marc Riboud

Marc Riboud has rightly summarized the purpose of photography. Photographs capture the moments we can’t get back. They take us to the past and let us enjoy the moments again and again.

Every picture tells us a different story. Every picture is unique and has its own distinct touch that makes it special among the thousands of other photographs. The more experience a photographer has, the deeper emotions she/he can evoke through his/her pictures.

Landscape photography refers to outdoor pictures, but they’ve immense power over human emotions. A beautifully captured landscape photograph represents not only the beauty of nature but also tells stories.

A viewer just needs a keen interest in photography and inner eye to understand the story.

When a landscape photograph moves a viewer emotionally, then only it becomes significant to him/her.


Here we’ll discuss the top 5 tips that’ll help a beginner photographer in capturing more meaningful and better-quality landscape pictures:

  1. High-Quality Camera and Lenses Can Do Wonders

Mirrorless DSLR is the best option for landscape photography. It provides a wider range of settings options that speed up your chance of capturing better-quality, professional-looking images. You can swap lenses for HD pictures. Experiment with your lenses to understand what suits you the most.

  1. Good Lighting is the Key

Lighting plays a key role in breathtaking landscape photography. Soft lights add a dreamy quality that makes a picture look mesmerizing. “Golden Hour” is the best time to capture landscape photographs. ‘Golden Hour’ means a few hours before sunrise and after sunset. Make a note of the time when the sun rises and sets in your area and plan your photoshoot accordingly.

  1. Darkness has its Own Beauty

Lighting is important but don’t underestimate the power of darkness. Darkness evokes strong emotions and makes a picture look stunning under perfect circumstances. Natural phenomena of nights look stunning. Experiment with lighting and lack of lighting. Change your camera settings before taking night visions as the same settings don’t work equally in a day and at night.

  1. Tripod is a Photographer’s Best Friend

A tripod may seem a tool of expert photographers, but it suits the beginners most. A tripod helps in stabilizing the camera and works as an extension. It helps in aiming and capturing the exact shots. Tripod lets the photographer experiment with perspective and angles.

  1. Experiment to Explore Your Talent

Landscape Photographer California

A beginner can’t be an expert if she/he doesn’t experiment with his/her camera. The more you capture different photos of different areas, the more skilled you’ll become. Experiment with angles, perspectives, and techniques of different landscapes.


California is a gem to the landscape photographers. From barren vastness to serene beauty, you can capture every aspect of nature. Landscape photography in California is famous among photographers. For original, unedited landscape images, contact brian@bkwatsonphotographie.com.

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