Top 8 Unique Personalized Gift Ideas in 2019

Selecting a gift for the person whom you love the most is not an easy affair. You need to make sure that it’s unique and compelling enough to make her/him feel special.
In this blog, we’ve provided a list of top 8 personalized gifts that you can buy in California to make her/him feel special and add warmth to the relationship.

  1. Coffee Mug
    Sipping a cup of coffee or tea is an important part of everyday life. A ravishing picture of you and your girlfriend would look wonderful on a coffee mug. Spike up the look with a touchy or naughty message and add oodles of swag to the gift making it invaluable to her/him. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or valentine’s day, it’s a perfect gift to say it with love.

  2. Photo Frame
    Do you want to make her/him realize how much you love and care for her/him? Well, then, we think a personalized photo frame is the best choice! Buy photos online in California along with a beautiful photo frame and gift it to your lady/man love. Choose one that complements her/his taste and we bet it will immediately melt her/his heart and make her/him realize how much you love and care for her/him.

  3. Greeting Card
    Greeting cards with handcrafted messages have never failed to woo anyone. You can make it more special by adding some photos and describing the occasion when they were taken. The most exciting part is that you can gift it on any occasion. Whether it’s her/his birthday, anniversary, or New Year’s Eve, a greeting card is an ideal gift to make the occasion special.

  4. Name Keychain
    A cool and funky personalized keychain will definitely make the day memorable for her/him. Engrave your and your partner’s name on the metal keychain and gift it to her/him on her/his special day. We bet it will make her/him delve deep into the glorious past of your relationship.

  5. Customized T-Shirt
    If your partner loves experimenting with what she/he wears, then you can think of gifting a customized T-shirt. Visit any online portal that sells customized T-shirts and personalize them according to your partner’s choice. You can try writing messages for your love and imprint some pictures of the special moments you’ve shared. We believe that gifting a customized T-Shirt with personalized messages or pictures imprinted on it will keep the flames between the two of you burning strong!

  6. Customized Mobile Cover
    Though this sounds simple, customized mobile covers can work wonders. You can imprint the picture of your lady/man love on the rear side of the mobile cover and gift it to her/his on birthday or your anniversary. The best part about gifting a mobile cover is that it will make her/him realize how special she/he is to you with you going out of the way with this unique gift!

  7. Personalized Photo Cushion Cover
    Photo cushion covers are the best choice if you want to allure your partner. The amazing touch and feel of a cushion cover with your and your partner’s picture imprinted on it will add warmth and spice up your relationship. We suggest you gift this either on Valentine’s Day or on the anniversary for the perfect display of your love in the house.

  8. Customized Watch
    If your partner is fond of accessories, then we guess a watch is a perfect choice! Many online portals sell branded watches and customize it according to the needs of the customer. All you have to do is, log in to one of these portals, request them to imprint your message, and place the order!


So, here was our list of 8 personalized gifts that’ll help you surprise your partner and let her/him know how much you care. Let us know in the comment section which gifting idea excited you the most. You can also add some more to the list in case you have more interesting ideas. We promise to publish them in our next blog.

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