5 Superb Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

If photography is your passion and you aim to excel in travel photography, all you need to do is refine your photography skills!

Travel photography is a wonderful photography style that would let you come up with a series of astounding pictures with each of your tours. Honing your skills may need you to invest some time and patience, but the results will be nothing less than rewarding!

We are here to help you in your journey to turn a great travel photographer by providing you some brilliant travel or landscape photography tips, especially meant for beginners. Read on…

Select the Day’s Best Time

Whether you are going for landscape photography in California or want to photograph any other city, selecting the right time during a day has a large role to play in capturing moments beautifully. The best times in a day for shooting images are sunset and sunrise. During these times, the rays of the sun hit the earth in a more horizontal manner, thereby being less harsh on your subject of photography. Images clicked at midday are generally boring and flat, lacking the vibrant hues found during sunset and/or sunrise.

Who likes waking up and heading out to click images before dawn? Also, you may not like taking pictures during the evening. However, if you wish to excel in your travel photography techniques, this is your way to go.

Take the Right Gear

As someone doing travel or landscape photography, try keeping your gear light to the maximum. This will surely help your shoulders.

Do some initial research and determine what equipment you would carry along in your backpack. Would you require a tripod? Do you need filters? How many lenses do you need to carry?

In general, it’s always wise to take two lenses – a telephoto and a wide angle lens. However, you need to determine the photography style you want to choose and assess the situation, and then decide the lenses that would meet the majority of your photography needs.

Research in Advance

Getting some knowledge about your travel destination before actually visiting the place would help you prepare better for your travel or landscape photography venture! Robert Caputo, a renowned National Geographic photographer, suggests that it’s always essential to invest some time in researching about your travel destination.

Following are a few of the common things you should consider:

Weather: Ensure that you check out your weather app prior to heading out for your travel destination. After reaching, if you find it’s pouring, it would really be wastage of time.

Photo Authorization: Photographers are often too focused while capturing sights, not realizing that in certain places photography is prohibited. Stay mindful of the place you are taking images of, and if photography is not allowed, make sure you respect the rules.

Scout the Area: Reach your landscape photography location a minimum of an hour before sunset or sunrise for scouting the region and finding the right spot for shooting pictures.

Tides: When taking images of seascapes, always have a look at tides. At certain times, capturing images turns out to be better when tides are low, while it may be the opposite at other times. So, research about the place and act accordingly.

Apply the ‘Rule of Thirds’

If you are just getting started, an effective travel or landscape photography tip to remember is always following the ‘Rule of Thirds’.

Rule of Thirds for Landscape Photography

This is a fundamental principle that keeps the subjects evenly arranged and balanced within the frame. According to this rule, four imaginary lines are drawn across an image to divide the image into 9 even parts. The elements in the frame that are most important should be placed near or within the four points of intersection made by the imaginary lines. Applying this rule would add more interest and tension to your images.

Think Out of the Box

Why click the same picture everyone else out there has taken? Although some mandatory postcard-photographs are there that should be taken, it’s always good to get creative and click that same image from some other angle.

When you are doing travel or landscape photography, avoid settling for the very first shot you take. When you are wondering of the world or are at a landmark, have a look around the region you are taking pictures of, challenge yourself to think differently and try aiming for something different.

Apart from following these tips, you need to photograph more and more in different places to hone your skills, as the saying goes “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, consider choosing spectacular places to practice travel photography. If you are in the U.S., you can go for landscape photography in California, New York, Florida, Utah, and other places. By applying the right tactics and working hard constantly, you can certainly become a proficient travel photographer!

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