Love Photography? 9 Types of Travel Photography to Try

If you are a passionate photographer, whether by profession or by a hobby, perhaps you love experimenting with different styles of photography. Well, photography is a vast field with a multitude of styles to try. If you are looking for some photography styles to experiment with when you are travelling, here is a list you might find as helpful.

Here you go…

1. Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial tools can offer you spectacular sights to photograph. Hot air balloon, helicopter, airplane or even drone can offer you amazing views to photograph from above. When travelling, choose tourist packages which provide you sightseeing opportunities from above. That would let you capture some really amazing views through your lens!

2. Street Photography

Street Photography

Travelling and street photography go hand in hand. Travelling offers you the pleasure of wandering foreign streets, and a camera lets you capture many unseen, meaningful stories on the streets. However, make sure that you always keep yourself respectful and inconspicuous when travelling to a culture different from your own.

3. Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography CA

Landscape photography is the best type of photography for the ones having an exploring soul. Several landscape photographers find joy in visiting the lonely places on the planet to get a closer look not just at nature, but also at themselves. Travelling offers ample opportunities to practice landscape photography, from an amateur level to professional.

4. Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography

Travelling exposes you to diverse architectures which always feel interesting and unique since they reflect the culture of various places. Even if you don’t have any interest in the technicalities involved in architecture, it doesn’t matter. Having the ability to appreciate architecture’s beauty is also an integral part of the sensitivity of a photographer.

Study the color and light while seeing modern or ancient architecture. Pay attention to how shadows play with the forms and shapes of an architecture, and also to the textures around walls. This will help you become a better photographer.

5. Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography California

Wildlife photography makes a great photography style for the ones who want to document wildlife in their natural habitat. This type of photography is challenging, and you need to consider several factors besides your passport. Firstly, it demands a high degree of patience, and so, it is important to have ample time in your tour.

It is recommended to keep distance always when taking photographs of wild animals, especially the big ones, for your safety and to interfere as less as possible with habitats.

6. Sports Photography

Sports Photography

Stadiums and different types of sports related arenas draw tourists quite often. Several matches are celebrated at global levels, inviting people from different parts of the world. To capture decent images in this style of photography, you will need a telephoto or zoom lenses. So, consider this while packing your bag.

7. Food Photography

Food Photography

Recipes and dishes are an integral part of cultures. Cuisines, special at different places, are treasured as gold! Explore various cultures through their special food. Photograph and document the colors of foods, and the vibe surrounding them.

8. Documentary Photography

Documentary Photography

You can do flash projects or short-term projects by travelling to various cultures. Have a statement or concept in mind, and go for your photography venture. You can document different aspects of society through narrative photography or photo essays.

9. Astrophotography


You can do astrophotography in the best way when the sky is free from clouds and light pollution. However, due to increasing urbanization, it’s difficult to get ambiences that are light free. To capture breathtaking views of the sky, explore arctic venues and deserts.

These are some of the many styles of photography you can explore while travelling. Unleash your creative side, experiment with different photography techniques, to grow and produce work that’s simply amazing!

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