13 Best Landscape Photography Cameras To Look Out For

Point-and-shoot compact camera smartphones are everywhere and a lot of people are trying to get some outstanding landscape photography with them. But if you are looking to get some real professional quality landscape photographs, you are sure to be faced with the lack of their functionality and versatility!

When it comes to the issue of buying the right camera for landscape photography, the single most important factor of course is the high-resolution and the ability to shoot well in low light conditions.

We have for you a list of the best cameras for landscape photography to suit your taste and style by brands!

The Nikon Range for Landscape Photography:

Nikon D850

Boasting of 45.7 megapixel with full-frame sensor, it gives excellent landscape details with great dynamic range. In fact, the camera has a lot more than al that you need for landscape photography and can shoot actions and also carry out 4K video recordings. It has an immensely long battery life allowing you to take as many as 1840 shots per single charge. So, set out for the day and just shoot unlimited!

Nikon D750

As the model number suggests, this is a mid-level player between the high-end and the entry level camera. This one features 24.3 megapixels with full-frame sensor and high ISO sensitivity. An added feature is the energy-saving image processor that extends battery life allowing you to shoot 1230 shots on a single charge. Its slim and ergonomic make enables easy handling while offering a firm grip too with a weatherproof guard as well.

Nikon D5600

This low-cost option is best suited for those that wish to polish their skills on landscape photography. The settings of the camera are simple to use even as a beginner and you can start clicking some awesome landscape shots with it. At the same time, much of the functionalities loaded in the high-end Nikons are loaded in this model. With 24.2 megapixels, a DX-format image sensor in the range of 100-25600. The configuration is just great to capture some jaw-dropping landscapes with this camera in any light setting.

The Canon Range for Landscape Photography:

Canon EOS 5DS R

The Canon EOS 5DS R is designed to capture still images and thus great for landscape capture but without the video feature. The machine is loaded with 50.6 megapixels and a full-frame sensor for image resolution of 8712 x 5813. This makes the Canon EOS 5DS R great for landscape photographs that go into print. Its low-pass filter cancellation enables the capturing of fine and sharp edges for detailed landscape.

Canon 5D Mark IV

Surely less outstanding than the EOS 5DS, the 5D Mark IV is more versatile though with lower resolution. 30.4 megapixel and full-frame sensor, it is more than that of any ordinary camera. It has established a firm place for itself as a landscape camera with its great dynamic range, magnificent color output and ability to shoot in any light condition. Also, it is made to resist weather formidably.

Its in-built GPS system will enable you to tag landscape location and information helping you to keep track of them all as you hope in and out and just keep shooting. Along with it, you have the benefit of 4K video shoot, 7 fps continuous shooting speed and 61-point auto-focus.

Canon EOS 6D

A really inexpensive landscape camera, the EOS 6D features 20.2 megapixels and a full-frame sensor giving incredible high-quality images. The model is also lightweight and compact making it easy to carry around for a great photographic experience.

The Sony Range for Landscape Photography:

Sony RX1R II

Described as the Professional Compact Camera by Sony, the Sony RX1R II is suited for landscape capture with a 42.4 megapixel and full-frame sensor. There is also the dynamic feature with low noise that operates with the large-aperture Zeiss Sonnar T35mm f/2 lens. The combination is great for landscape photography. There are also more features that are not necessary for landscape photography. Despite its small size, it is packed with features and functionality worth checking out.

The Mirrorless Range for Landscape Photography:

Mirrorless cameras give you the functionality of a DSLR but with shorter battery life which is due to the live view that is on display. Here are some of them.

Sony a7R II

Mirrorless with 42.4 megapixels and full-frame sensor, the Sony a7R II is one of the best landscape cameras. It is noted for its excellent low-light condition performance, ergonomic design and weather resistance. Its high-quality filter gives amazing clarity to the landscape pictures along with the auto-focusing functionality.

Sony a6000

24.3 megapixels and ISO of 100-25,600, the Sony a6000 has capabilities of a DSLR despite being in the mirrorless variant. It has all the abilities of a good landscape camera and is also suited for travel with its lightweight body.

Fujifilm X-T2

Part of its X-series, Fuji boasts of the model being packed with the latest technology. It is both versatile and compact with a wide range of lenses that are suited for landscape photography. Amazing image quality comes from its 24.3-megapixel sensor without low-pass filter. Also, its view-finder adjusts itself automatically to brightness around making it easy to handle in any lighting setup. The X-T2 is also made to handle rough weather as extreme as 14 degrees F.

Olympus E-M1 Mark II

Having a 20-megapixel APS-C sensor, the E-M1 Mark II has many features that you may not need as a landscape photographer. 4K video shoot, 5-axis in-body image stabilization and 60 fps burst shooting come packed together in the same case. In addition, it has a weatherproof light body.

The Point-and-Shoot Range for Landscape Photography:

Point-and-shoot can also give excellent landscape photographic results and is best suited for inexperienced and amateur photographers.

Ricoh GR II

This is a compact model for landscape shoots with 16.2 megapixels. The high-resolution output comes from the non-use of anti-aliasing filter. Its advanced image processor helps improve the quality, contrast and the balance of the output.

Armed with the information you are now ready to stand and shoot anywhere, any time. Make you pick and just click-fire!!!

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