14 Ideas for Displaying Pictures on Walls

A nice wall décor can intensify your interior. Beautiful pictures enhance the look more intensely. Landscape images look really beautiful on the walls with pretty frames.


Here we’ve compiled 14 ideas to display pictures on walls to beautify your interior.

  1. Colorful Mosaic

Arrange a beautifully colored, printed or decorated sturdy paperboard and glue pictures on it and hang the paperboard on the wall. You will always cherish the memories of the pictures.

  1. Wooden Hanger Frames

Wooden hangers come handy when you’re in the mood of changing your décor. Just collect a few hangers and clip your chosen images and voila! You’re done. Your photo wall is ready within a minute.

  1. Fairy Lights Photo Wall

Fairy lights are pretty and inexpensive. They make your room looks cozy and warm. Simply clip your photo prints to the strings. You’ll be amazed how dazzling your room looks just within a minute.

  1. Grid Panel Gallery Wall

If you can’t hang pictures on your wall, then grid panel photo wall frame is your solution. Keep it on a desk and clip images on it.

  1. Hanging Photo Album

Do you want to skip the tedious task of gluing each image on your wall? Then, buy a transparent hanging file organizer that contains pockets. Just fill the pockets with your photo prints and BAM! Your task is over.

  1. Chalkboard Gallery Wall

This is a fun project that your kids will enjoy. Stick your pictures on the wall and buy some colorful chalks. Now let your kids’ imagination reach the sky with their artistic skills. Let them draw frames around the photos.

  1. Binder Clip Photo Wall

Buy a handful of binder clip photo holders and hang the clipped photos on the wall. You can also clip them to a string and create a beautiful photo garland.

  1. Tape Frames

Stick your images to the wall and create frames by sticking colorful tapes around them.

  1. Rustic Window Pane

Old window panes are perfect to create a photo wall. Just measure your panes and divide them into equal parts and stick images within each space. You can always change the color of your pane before sticking images on them.

  1. Small Prints on a Big Frame

A square wooden piece is enough to create a simple, sophisticated look. Print your images and glue them to the wooden piece at equal distance.

  1. Minimalist Portraits

For an elegant look, print 2-3 beautiful and large landscape images and hang them on the wall. Framed prints look more elegant.

  1. Ombre Photo Wall

If you love colors, then you’ll prefer this kind of photo frame. You can design the frames or you can buy colorful frames at a really affordable price.

  1. Mixed Photo Wall

Uniformity can be boring. Give a twist and touch of your own self by mixing a variety of photo frame shapes.

  1. Clipboard Photo Wall

This is the least time consuming. Just collect some old wooden clipboards and clip the pictures to them and hang them on the wall.

These photo frame ideas will change your interior within a budget without requiring much time. You can enhance your décor with beautiful, authentic landscape photographs of California too. Brian Watson is a passionate landscape photographer from California. Visit https://bkwatsonphotographie.com/photo-gallery/ to buy his unedited pictures.

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