10 Famous Landscape Photographers

Landscape photography is not just becoming increasingly popular but is fast assuming importance as a member of the straight photography genre. Celebrated photographers over the past century and more have almost brought it to the level of art.

We have compiled a list of famous photographers from the past and also those that are still making an impact in the world of landscape photography.

  1. Ansel Adams
  2. Ansel Adams

    It is only natural that we begin the list with this name also known as the supreme master of landscape photography.

    An American photographer and an environmentalist, Adams photography of the western part of the country especially Yosemite National Park form the iconic bulk of his work. This apart his priceless contribution is the development of the Zone System what refers to the amount of light that would give best imprints on paper from negatives.

  3. Andrea Gursky
  4. Andrea Gursky
    Rhein II by this artist is known to hold the record of being the most expensive photograph in the world in 2011 has sold for a staggering $4.3 million. Abstract in composition with geometric projection, they translate nature into shapes, lines, and textures with chunks of colors. Often eliminating unnecessary elements, Gursky brings out his vision through photography.

  5. Peter Lik
  6. Peter Lik

    A contemporary Australian artist, he has kicked up much controversy with his Phantom that is said to have fetched $6.5 million. His best-known style for landscape is that of panorama views that are large-sized with quality prints. Despite controversies over the veracity of his photographs like Moonlit Dreams and Bella Luna have been selling like hot cakes.

  7. Mario Giacomelli
  8. Mario Giacomelli

    If you are looking for an abstract landscape artist, we have the name for you here. This self-taught Italian photographer was inspired by neo-realist films of De Sica and Rossellini. His landscape photography that is a strong contrast projection of black and white is as famous as his photography of the Scanno community. His aerial landscape projections of arable lands emerge as abstract black and white pencil drawings and are unrecognizable at a glance.

  9. Nadav Kander

    Nadav Kander
    This celebrated photographer takes the audience to an unexplored world through his priceless captures of the abandoned places. There is also an astonishing collection of captures of restricted military areas with their ghostly landscapes. There is also the collection of the desolate Aral Sea seascape that forms an integral part of his unconventional collection.

  11. Ted Gore

    Ted Gore
    Gore gives true testament of nature through his collection of landscape photographs of California. As a modern contemporary photographer, he does not shy away from the use of technology to give his captures the special effect pushing the boundaries of natural imagery.

  13. Trey Ratcliff
  14. Trey Ratcliff

    Projecting the amazing beauty of nature through his landscape photography with his unique capture, he is one photographer that will make you think that you are looking at paintings. His landscape photographs are truly inspirational with their stunning color combination making them sources of inspiration.

  15. Michael Kenna
  16. Michael Kenna

    Here’s a British photographer that is famous for his exceptional landscape capture that is portrayed in stunning black and white to emulate an ethereal feel. He has achieved the effect mostly by shooting at night with exposure as long as ten hours. The essence of his captures is the minimal composition of a highly meditative nature. It is an introduction to a Zen-like world that truly exists but unveils itself only through the lens of Kenna!

  17. Kilian Schoenberger

    Kilian Schoenberger
    A photographer who loves nature brings out its beauty through his stunning photographs. The first rays of the rising sun or a fleeting fog, phenomena that only lasts for seconds surrender to his lens effortlessly! Schonberger’s skill of capturing interior and exterior architecture makes him a versatile photographer that complements landscape and hardscape incongruence.

  19. Daniel Kordan
  20. Daniel Kordan

    Kordan has mastered landscape photography per se. His specialty lies in the fact that his photographs are not just landscapes and nature alone but also has a human presence in them. This makes his landscape photographs a fine combination of human life and essence within the large ambit of nature. He also carries out workshops that are just as wonderful as beginners’ guide to world-class landscape photography.